General Contractors

Boost Productivity, Reduce Costs and Risk for General Contractors

Run your build projects on schedule and on budget.

Manage material purchases and scheduling in one platform where all transactions are tracked and verified.

Improve productivity by automating paperwork, contracts, and payments. Save time procuring materials, secure better material prices and track all orders to your job sites.

Why General Contractors Choose DigiBuild

Complete visibility and audit trail for each stakeholder and material transaction

 Predictive scheduling and alerts – 90% reduction n scheduling misses

Streamline communication

DigiBuild has digitized the fragmented and tedious workflows involved in managing construction projects and procuring building materials.

Brad Brady

“DigiProcure gives me and my team greater visibility to quotes, order statuses and pricing to better manage our projects and my business' bottom line.”

Brad Brady President Total Flooring - Top Subcontractor

Pranav R. Bhakta

“DigiBuild is a leading in the common data environment (single source of truth in data) and audit trail with their software and data stack. Bringing total visibility to streamline workflow, processes and communications to drive on time budgets all built on blockchain.”

Pranav R. Bhakta Managing Partner: Bhakta Capital, Revelo Hospitality, Nillians Investments, RamRan Holdings

Jerry Horani

“DigiProcure helps VCC save time and manage more projects with better visibility to material process and tracking with our Subs and Suppliers.”

Jerry Horani CTO, VCC Construction - ENR top 400 General Contractor

Robert Sanchez

“DigiProcure has improved our material management 10 fold. We get better pricing, lead times, and more efficiency in our material procurement process”

Robert Sanchez Sprayline Hospitality & Paint - Top Subcontractor

Barbara Res

“DigiBuild is one of a kind, a cutting-edge game-changer.. Everyone will benefit from the owners, architects, GCs, subcontractors, and suppliers. Streamlines everything from digging a hole to finished product or litigation and it will prevent or streamline that too.”

Barbara Res PE, ESQ, NY/NJ Supreme Court Construction Panel - DigiBuild Advisor