Nothing can be built without trust


70% of projects finish late and over budget  ||  project teams are overburdened  ||  critical paperwork is slow moving  ||  important data is inaccurate/incomplete and subject to fraud  ||  lack of collaboration and more

Blockchain Technology is Game-Changing for Construction Management

Construction management is highly inefficient and burdened by wasteful processes that cost the industry billions. DigiBuild is digitizing and streamlining the end-to-end construction journey that is built on trust.

Blockchain may be the biggest tech
innovation since the internet

Never before could disparate entities securely and confidently collaborate digitally.

Blockchain changes
construction management

Programmable Trust allows for solutions not matched by any other CM Software.

Designed from the ground up as an
ecosystem shaped by the industry.

DigiBuild is beneficial to all industry stakeholders; the more parties that participate, the greater the value to the users and project itself.

Strong support from the
top industry stakeholders

Early users include: developers/owners, general contractors, subs, suppliers, architects, and engineers. Our beta users have construction revenue of $15B+.

Project Results

Beta tests indicate up to 5% budget and schedule improvements.


Verifiable trust is our foundation which allows for cost savings, faster transactions, more accurate data & better collaboration.

Meet Our Team

“DigiBuild will change the paradigms of the entire built environment. We will reinvent construction as a collaborative endeavor where success, not failure, is the norm.” -Robert Salvador, CEO

Robert Salvador


Owner of 2 commercial construction companies, 20 years in construction. Blockchain technologist and consultant.

Ivan Franco

VP of Engineering

5+ years of full stack development experience (MERN/MEAN, AWS microservices), blockchain developer having worked on projects with IOTA and Coinbase. Leading DigiBuild's technical buildout.

Andy Penry

VP of Product

Senior construction project manager with 20 years of experience for some of the nation's largest contractors (JE Denn, McCarthy Construction).

Barbara Res, PE, Esq.

AEC Advisor

30-year executive leader in the construction industry, VP of construction for global construction firms, including Trump Organization.

April Moss

SVP Customer Success

20+ year manager and sales leader for Proctor & Gamble. Built national sales teams and interfaced with top clients.

Ron Collett

Equity Partner, Software Advisor

CEO, NMX Global Software, Inc. Former CEO of Numetrics, enterprise PM software, acquired by McKinsey.

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Join 30 of the biggest companies in construction and IBM, the global blockchain leader, in helping build a solution that will CHANGE THE INDUSTRY.

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