The Digital Evolution of
the Building Process
Using Blockchain Technology

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... a 10 trillion dollar market with global implications,
fails 70% of the time...

    Industry Challenges Industry Challenges

  • Razor Thin Margins

    2-4% profit on average, squeezing budgets and making success difficult.

  • Chronic Late Payments

    30/60/90/120 day payment periods lock up cash flow.

  • Fraud

    No transparency and dangerous misrepresentation. Frequent disputes.

  • No Collaboration

    Lack of common goals, and no incentives.

    The DigiBuild Solution The DigiBuild Solution

  • Real Cost Savings

    Up to 20% savings for users, bolstering the bottom line.

  • Lightening Fast Payments

    5-7 day payment schedule, effectively solving cash flow problems in the industry.

  • Trust & Transparency

    Blockchain immutability guarantees a trusted credit score and business qualification analysis. Less risk at all levels.

  • Incentive Program

    Digibuild rewards businesses for finishing ahead of schedule, avoid legal disputes, etc. Projects start to succeed!


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Robert Salvador

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Penry

VP of Construction

Tomas Hainich, PhD

VP of Finance

Jon Sesso

Director of Sales

Naoum Anagnos


John Parzych


Michael Levy


DIGIBUILD Development Team

Bogdan Tanygin, PhD

Head of R&D Service Line

Ivan Franco

Smart Contract Developer

Oleksandr Stepanenko

Engagement Manager

Mark Bessmertnyy

Delivery Manager

Valeriy Molyakov

Solutions Architect

Oleksandr Chervenkov

Chief Software Architect

Mikhail Chub

QA Lead

Valentyn Rudenko

Senior Software Engineer

Oleksandr Brezhniev

Senior Software Engineer

Dima Suhoy

Senior Software Engineer

Vladyslav Munin

Software Engineer

Dmytro Tiapkin

Software Engineer

Dmytro Matskevych

Software Engineer

Sergii Pankrashyn

Quality Control Engineer

Roman Rudenko

Senior IT Business Analyst