A single verifiable source of truth for everyone to operate from.

In 2017, Rob Salvador, CEO and Co-Founder and lifelong builder had an ‘aha’ moment and the idea of how to apply blockchain to construction took form and DigiBuild was born.

Construction is a complex industry. Every job site includes 50+ companies dependent on one another to achieve their goals. However, these goals are not aligned. These complex arrangements, often between distrusting parties rely on intermediaries, lots of paperwork and human time to manage risk and disputes. Rob knew from his personal experiences that these fragmented workflows add cost and risk to construction projects.

DigiBuild’s blockchain solution adds a “Truth Layer” to each project so that each stakeholder is working from the same information that each party has visibility to.
Andrew Lindsey, Director of Applied Research & Development Alpha Corporation and Construction Blockchain Consortium

Building on blockchain offers a better path forward. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain and cannot be altered, critical documents are automated and authenticated, creating a massive reduction in paperwork and fewer disputes. All in an easy to use interface that saves project managers time.

Now, having everyone on a construction project working from the same information creates a layer of trust and transparency missing in construction projects today. While most software benefits the Owner or GC, DigiBuild software provides benefits to all project stakeholders.

With DigiBuild, you operate from a single verifiable source of truth and all doubt is eliminated!