Find, Order, and Track Materials to Your Jobsite

Move away from paper and excel based materials contracts with DigiProcure and artificial intelligence, a straightforward and easy way to find, order, and track deliveries from the start to finish of each project.

DigiProcure is a material management solution designed to tackle today’s supply chain challenges and facilitate general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to collaborate across all material purchases, order management, and deliveries from the start to the end of each project.

Quickly turn material takeoffs into RFQs, and send to your current suppliers and more within our network. You can find better pricing with the click of a button. Once orders are placed, predictive scheduling and must order by dates help you stay on schedule.  Save time, reduce paperwork, and accelerate payments.  If you are a supplier, gain instant access to a larger client base and shorten the sales cycle.

Material Visibility From Order to Jobsite

Single dashboard and audit trail for each transaction and Supplier from order to delivery and creates unprecedented visibility for Owners, GCs or Subcontractors.

Prevent Scheduling Misses

Predictive Scheduling reduces 90% of misses by producing “Must Order by Dates” that guarantees contractors have the material they need on time to meet their job schedules.

Cut Material Procurement Hours and Prices

Material management time is cut by 50% by uploading mate- rial take-offs, sending RFQs to expanded supplier lists with one click, resulting in approx. 5% better material prices.


DigiBuild is the missing piece to any construction management process.

Use our software as a compliment to your current tools or let us show you how we can replace the myriad of software companies currently use to improve your procurement process.

Here are our current and future integrations.