Turnkey Construction Services:

DigiBuild can provide both material procurement and labor to install/furnish for the following scopes: light gauge metal framing, light wood framing, insulation, drywall, paint, FF&E, flooring, cabinets, windows, doors, hardware, door frames, bathroom accessories, appliances.


By taking advantage of  DigiBuild’s DigiProcure platform our team can find the best pricing for the materials and appliances. Furthermore, builders will pay the standard DigiBuild procurement rate of 2-5% on the materials procured vs traditional subcontractors who will mark materials up 20-40%. In addition, builders will have full access to the DigiProcure platform to track the status of all orders from submittals to delivery.


DigiBuild will also include value engineering options for materials to provide additional savings to builders. Being a tech-enabled contractor, our internal project delivery tools allow DigiBuild to reduce internal project inefficiencies and provide the labor/install services below market rates.


DigiBuild will provide a full-time dedicated project manager for every project.  Contact us to solicit bids for your upcoming projects and  save 10-15% per scope.  Increase your team's capacity while DigiBuild manages the procurement, delivery, and installation from end-to-end.


Reduce Project Manager time by 20% on future projects.

Improve planning, scoping, scheduling and workflow opportunities and apply to your next project.

For programmatic projects replicate and carry forward best practices, pricing and supplier information with a click of a button.


Visibility, audit trails, predictive analytics and scheduling create greater visibility to proactively address issues before they occur.

Single version of the truth and common data means all stakeholders are working from a common set of information reducing disagreements and chances of litigation.

Audit trails reduce the cost of discovery when litigation does occur.