Construction is Broken

DIGIBUILD is a construction management software that delivers unmatched benefits

"There are lots of construction software solutions on the market and I use some of them, why do I need another?"

Despite construction technology use at an all time high, our industry is more difficult than ever. According to Mckinsey, 70% of projects are late and over budget. Independent studies show 40% of project teams’ time are spent on administrative items, it takes 60-90 days to get paid, and bad data makes decision making hard, risk is high, and disputes are common.In construction, 50-100 companies all come together on a project and need to exchange data and information; this includes stakeholders like developers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, risk agents, and more.Because of the lack of trust between all these parties, each stakeholder spends lots of time and money on aspects of construction management and business intelligence. Construction is plagued with high risk and low profit margins; by driving efficiency and cost savings, DigiBuild can improve your company AND your projects in a way unmatched by anything else on the market.

"What can DigiBuild do for me?"

DigiBuild is a construction management and business intelligence software that uses a breakthrough technology called blockchain. Our system introduces “programmable trust” into your construction management process allowing for automation of laborious documentation, faster project communication, precise data insights, and unmatched project collaboration. Within DigiBuild users can manage construction work flows (like budgets and schedules), approve and monitor payments, procure material, access data insights, and streamline project communication. Early beta tests indicate potential schedule and budget improvements of up to 5%, as well as reducing project risk. 

"What pain points does it solve?"

One of the biggest problems in construction management is the “data silo” problem (explained in next section); blockchain is the perfect solution to this problem which allows for powerful results. Features include: automation of laborious items such as: contract compliance, lien waivers, submittals, insurance compliance, audit obligations; faster payments to lower tiers with more visibility for the payer, guaranteed accurate data for building pro formas, project schedules, pre-qualifying vendors, and utilizing data insights. Download sequential project transactions to improve visibility during negotiations/disputes and remove all the hard work in pulling records for auditors, legal teams, or accountants. By offering value to ancillary stakeholders like suppliers, architects, and risk agents, DB can drive collaboration by streamlining communications, ordering, and business processing which reduces costs and latency between these distrusting entities.

"What is the 'data silo' problem, and why can DigiBuild do what other programs cannot?"

A typical project involves 50-100 different parties, all with their own data networks or silos as they’re called who must come together to exchange information. A data silo is an individual or companies’ central server that contains any piece of information they have, that can be a picture, excel spreadsheet, contract, email, change order, or anything that can be stored on a computer. Whomever owns that silo, be it a person, company, or third party controls all of the data within it; they can manipulate the data, change it, remove parts of it, and there is no way for the outside world to see the changes or know any better. Essentially, since all transactions sent over the internet are copies of the original data, trust is not built into the internet so everyone needs to keep their own redundant records. With all the parties involved in construction one can see why this adds major inefficiency. Blockchain is an industry changing technology that allows trust to be built into a software. 

...it was built by people who know the industry up and down.

DigiBuild is simple and effective because it was built by people who know the industry up and down.”

Andy Penry
Former Senior Project Manager for McCarthy Construction, JE Dunn, and Anning Johnson

I have never seen anything with the potential...

I have been a part of billions in construction projects and I have never seen anything with the potential to save money, speed up payments, lower risk, and improve collaboration like DigiBuild can.”

Barbara Res
Former EVP of Construction, The Trump Organization