August 21


Why Construction Technology is Becoming The New Normal

By Robert Salavdor

August 21, 2020

A survey of over 250 construction middle managers platform technology, which was defined as “that which connects business applications and stores relevant information all in one place, allowing applications and tech tools to talk to each other” resulted in ⅔ of these companies rolling out some sort of new technology during the COVID-19 lockdown, with 94% witnessing improvement in the way their teams work.

80% believe that the platform technology will play a role in how their companies work in construction, and nearly half of those are now realizing they can’t do their jobs as effectively without it.

58% of those surveyed said they have seen higher demand from workers and colleagues for a way to stay connected and to work more efficiently.  The ability to work remotely is one of the top three reasons managers are seeking to implement this technology.

The real kicker: 86% of these construction managers said they would use one platform if they could.  And that’s just what DigiBuild has developed with their blockchain software technology.

With the construction being disrupted with today’s stressors in the changing market, contractors are proactively making the move away from their manual methods and excelling towards technology.  They are realizing more now than ever that construction won’t be the same as it was before and this will become the new way of working.

The means to working construction in a more digital format will become the new norm.  Join DigiBuild today to see just how the evolving technology can push your construction business forward in the fast-track.

Robert Salavdor

About the author

Founder and CEO of DigiBuild Construction Software. Owner of two commercial construction companies with 20 years in construction. Managed over $500MM in construction projects. Blockchain educator and consultant.

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