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3 Core Problems: Supply Chain, Payments, and Contract Risk Management are the most important unmet needs in the industry 

Find, Order & Track Materials

DigiProcure is a supply chain and procurement product.  The platform allows General Contractors, Subcontractors, and Suppliers to collaborate across all material purchases, order management, and deliveries from the start to the end of each project.

Verifiable Timeline & Source of Truth

DigiVerify is a searchable, auditable and verifiable project timeline product. The platform captures all stakeholder transactions across any connected platform (as an API), creating a 'truth timeline' for each construction project.

All transactions are:

  • captured in a searchable
  • filterable
  • comparable timeline
  • reducing paperwork
  • eliminating disputes
  • expediting payments

The origin of each transaction because it is captured in a blockchain database, is secure, can be trusted, and is verifiable by legal parties or relevant construction stakeholders. 

Benefits are:

  • increased visibility to improve forecasting
  • fewer disputes and potential risk
  • saves valuable legal and staff hours by more than 50% when "discovery" is necessary

Automate & Accelerate Contracts & Payments

When it comes time to get paid, requesting payments for Subcontractors and General Contractors is streamlined, and critical lien waiver document collection is automated and stored in the blockchain using DigiBuild’s smart contract feature. This functionality is 4x faster than other leading solutions saving Project Managers significant time, improving cash flow, and reducing payment risk. 

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