In partnership with IBM,  our product is being built by builders, for builders.   During our recent innovation summit, multiple top ENR 400 companies  asked us to develop a construction software platform with three key areas in mind: 

  1. Productivity Tool 
  2. Supply Chain Management 
  3. Payment Management 

Our entire platform will be powered by IBM’s Blockchain.  As one of the most secure technologies in the world, it will  bring unparalleled trust and visibility to your projects  and become foundational to surviving and thriving in the “new norms”. 

This level of transparency  is exactly why our first product launch will include a  productivity tool that will allow users to easily search and review documents and will ultimately be tied into a chronologically timeline (Guaranteed Truth Timeline) Our goal is to:

  • Accelerate finding information/documents that matter
  • Mitigate and resolve disputes
  • Improve contract compliance monitoring

Industry feedback is our #1 priority.  If you have two minutes, your input to our two-minute survey would be greatly appreciated.