January 12


Is your construction business using technology that is synchronized? Blockchain technology is here!

By Robert Salavdor

January 12, 2021

The engineering and construction industry is beginning to scrutinize the tools they will use to manage projects, materials and costs. Despite the world's drastic shift to digital solutions, construction is still one of the world's least digitized sectors.

Productivity in the construction industry is lagging behind most other sectors, including manufacturing.

Manual paper-based processes still define much of the industry, making it difficult for teams in the office and on-site to operate and exchange information at maximum speed and efficiency, especially now with social distancing regulations and field restrictions.  

Looking beyond the current pandemic, with an ever-rising number and complexity of projects on the go, construction-related companies are even more at risk of not keeping to tight schedules and budgets due in part to outmoded workflow practices and processes. 

There is an increasing shift of the construction industry as a whole to adopt state-of-the-art solutions to manage and track projects and processes, developers, construction companies, suppliers and trades.  To stay competitive, construction companies must gain better visibility into each phase of their projects, having greater oversight requires all project information to live in one central place so construction leaders can track projects' progress and remove bottlenecks at any stage to keep things moving forward. 

There are blockchain technology applications for the construction industry at every stage.  For every project.  For various team members. 

Stakeholder Coordination

There is mounting pressure for construction teams to finish within budget, on schedule, and to strict standards. 

Platform solutions can ensure alignment between stakeholders to improve  transparency for multiple contractors and subcontractors, designers, supply chain managers, architects, and field workers to avoid disruption and costly delays.

Synchronization avoids frustrating bottlenecks, overcomes scheduling mishaps which will improve productivity and quality control.

There is a heavy moment towards collaboration instead of competition on jobsides and solutions such as Integrated Project Delivery and Modular Building are gaining significant traction.

Eliminating Outdated Systems and Processes

With construction’s heavy reliance on paper and so many iterations and changes, it’s commonplace that workers in the field end up following outdated plans and schedules inadvertently.

To avoid unnecessary delays and wasted efforts, everyone should have access to the most current information, drawings and schedules anytime, and from anywhere.

Having everything stored and managed chronologically in one online, reliable, secure  system  gives the field team the ability to always have what is current and be able to track, in real-time,  changes made elsewhere.

Construction Material Suppliers and The Customer

Tracking all the materials of every project can be extremely challenging and time consuming.

Imagine that specific parts arrive at your construction worksite, but they are incorrect or do not meet standards. Having a system in place that documents the problem and has the ability to instantly let the supplier and client know there is a need to replace the parts can avoid delays getting the replacements to the project.  The same tool allows stakeholders to adjust the construction timeline avoiding potential labor and equipment costs. 

Having the  ability to share real-time information on the ground quickly provides the opportunity for immediate input and feedback which can avoid situations that can lead to a hostile dispute or even litigation. Clear and secure information is valuable during the planning stage when all stakeholders should be first aligning on the objectives, conditions, and constraints of a project. It continues to be crucial throughout the development phases helping teams to report on their progress, share updates, answer questions, and resolve challenges.

A secure communications chain eliminates the need to sift through long email threads, floods of voicemails and instant messages to stay abreast of daily updates or share the same information to different team members in separate conversations. 

Almost every software application on the market talks about being a “single version of truth” however blockchain technology is the only way to make that statement a reality. Blockchain provides an “auditable” and “provable” version of the truth where other software solutions are just another database or “walled garden” where truth can’t be guaranteed.

The impact of this secure, decentralized information chain is a game changer!

Make no mistake, blockchain technology for the construction industry has arrived, offering immense opportunity for the industry to become more effective, transparent, productive and sustainable. 

Here at DigiBuild we are certain this is how future construction will be done! 

Click here to schedule a talk with one of our team members, or to be included in our feedback process that goes toward making DigiBuild the biggest and best blockchain enabled construction software on the market.

Robert Salavdor

About the author

Founder and CEO of DigiBuild Construction Software. Owner of two commercial construction companies with 20 years in construction. Managed over $500MM in construction projects. Blockchain educator and consultant.

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