In partnership with IBM and DigiBuild’s domain experts, (with over $5B worth of building experience under our belt), our product is being built by builders, for builders.

During our recent summit, multiple top ENR 400 companies asked us to develop a construction software platform with three key areas in mind:

  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Payment Management
  3. Productivity Tool

Our entire platform will be powered by IBM’s Blockchain.  As one of the most secure technologies in the world, it will bring unparalleled trust and visibility to your project. 

Trust and visibility are foundational as we tackle the construction productivity curve which has remained stagnant for decades.   Project delivery workflows need to be re-thought and IBM and DigiBuild’s industry network and blockchain technology will become the solution to surviving and thriving in the new norms.  

Productivity Tool

Trust and transparency are exactly why we are developing a productivity tool that will allow users to easily search and review documents.  It will ultimately be tied into a chronological timeline of the entire construction project on the blockchain.  This tool, dubbed the “Guaranteed Truth Timeline (GTT)”, will launch alongside our Supply Chain / Procurement module.  

GTT will: 

  • Accelerate finding information and documents that matter.
  • Mitigate and resolve disputes.
  • Improve contract compliance monitoring.

Supply Chain Management

Phase one of our Procurement Platform (MVP) will be released in the fourth quarter followed by phases two and three in the first quarter of 2021 with details listed below.

The procurement platform is just the beginning of meeting all your supply chain solution needs. 

  • Provide a network of suppliers for general contractors and sub-contractors to find material, receive quotes, create orders, and track deliveries.
  • Build out supplier networks, including improving access to real-time supplier information. Customer and supplier reporting established.
  • Upgrades/changes to the Procurement Platform based on customer feedback.  Accelerate customer and supplier expansion and deliver improved reporting.  Finalize carriers’ early-stage involvement in the network.  Automated invoicing and payment generation across general contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers. The initial invoicing will be developed within the Procurement Platform and in the fourth quarter of 2021 will be rolled into our broader Payment Management Platform.