October 30


How DigiBuild is Bringing Resilience to The Supply Chain Industry

By Robert Salvador

October 30, 2020

Over the past few years, construction costs have increased dramatically across the country, increasing up to 10%.  Post COVID-19, however, is changing this dynamic.  With unemployment rising, supply chains breaking, and the drop in energy prices, it will affect everything from material costs to transportation.  

With demands of goods and supplies skyrocketing, businesses are becoming more and more concerned.  They are buying and holding inventory on-hand that exceeds more than 5% of what they actually use, out of fear of not getting the supplies timely, or if at all.

Looking past the current emergency, it’s clear we need a more resilient supply chain that can readily adapt to future times of crisis and stress.  

The supply chain industry has been doing business in the dark for decades, and to tap into these growth opportunities in such challenging and evolving times, construction businesses are finally focusing on software and encouraging greater use of digital technologies.

All of this is creating a shift in the construction industry.  A shift from conventional models to more innovative business models with increased technology.  

But …. we can do so much better!  

With growth in the construction region to reach $14 trillion by 2021, businesses are facing long delays in completion of projects, and seeking solutions to better manage these developments.

It’s time to build a more resilient and agile supply chain, and manage construction projects through blockchain technology.  

And that’s exactly what DigiBuild is doing!  

DigiBuild is bringing  blockchain technology, with all its superior functionality, scalability, efficiencies, security and more, to the remote and at-home supply chain worker or procurement manager.

Robert Salvador

About The Author

Rob Salvador is the visionary driving force behind DigiBuild, an experienced builder, project manager and construction technologist. Since the age of 10, Rob has witnessed what it was like, firsthand for his Dad struggling to run his construction company. He eventually started his own construction company and those experiences and the lack of change over that time span led to his mission of creating a better way to operate construction projects and the construction community. Rob’s passion and previous cryptocurrency startup experiences are what led to him becoming a blockchain expert. In 2017 he had his ‘aha moment’ and the idea of 'how to' apply blockchain to construction took form and DigiBuild was born.

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