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February 11, 2022

Every Construction Team Has That MVP

The Super Bowl is Sunday. 

One aspect of football that has always made me a fan is that more than most sports, it is a team sport.  I believe the pace of play-action makes football standout as a team sport.  

Construction is definitely a team sport.  Imagine Tom Brady trying to play it alone. Imagine your project manager trying to finish a building alone.

Not happening!

Yet every Super Bowl has an MVP.  There is one person that a select group of football writers and journalists (and fans since 2001) point to as the most important player for the game. 

The Super Bowl MVP has been awarded annually since the game's inception in 1967. The most recent Super Bowl MVP is, of course, Tampa Bay’s quarterback Tom Brady, who has been MVP a record 5-times!

A little more history:

  • Joe Montana won three MVP’s
  • Three other players—Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Eli Manning—have won the award twice.
  • Starr and Bradshaw are the only ones to have won it in back-to-back years. 
  • Harvey Martin and Randy White were named co-MVPs of Super Bowl XII, the only time co-MVPs have been chosen.

I was surprised to learn that the MVP Award doesn't have to come from the winning team. In 1971,  Dallas Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley won the award despite the Cowboys' loss in Super Bowl V to the Baltimore Colts. 

I wasn’t surprised at all to learn that Quarterbacks have earned the honor 31 times in 55 games. 

This year, the odds again highly favor that QB’s Matthew Stafford or Joe Burrow will walk away with the MVP, Aaron Donald is a 12-to-1 long shot.

The MVP Award almost always goes to an offensive player.  Only the biggest fans can name the defensive players who have been MVP. There are a few, Von Miller in Super Bowl 50 is the most recent.

What does an MVP look like in the construction world?  

We all know one. That person that manages a diverse team of employees, subcontractors, equipment, material, deliveries, and the construction schedule to bring the project in on time and on budget. 

What are you doing for your MVP? 

Where is your next MVP coming from? 

Who is on your roster?

Enjoy the game on Sunday, but take a moment on Monday to consider your winning business team.

Construction brings your team together to deliver the built environments, and although the industry is constantly riddled with complexity, regulations, and slow response with change, the tide is finally turning.  


DigiBuild is a blockchain-enabled construction project management platform. Our customers manage workflows such as procurement, budgets, schedules, contracts, and payments. DigiBuild allows for collaboration across 50+ disparate construction stakeholders – all on a single platform. 

We are the first to merge our construction management expertise with blockchain technology to create the world’s most revolutionary technology bringing risk management and visibility to your projects.

Through verifiable collaboration, we eliminate risk, disputes, save time and create a healthier and happier global construction industry.

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