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May 6, 2022

DigiBuild Is Celebrating Our Mothers

This Sunday is Mother’s day!  Here at DigBuild, we wanted to celebrate our mothers and the impact they have made on our personal and professional lives.

Here are some stories our team wanted to share.

Christiana Bowen

My mom was definitely the biggest factor in my life and work ethic. She was never afraid to make very hard choices for our family, to move outside her comfortable zone and to put herself out there!  From starting her own business to leaving a difficult relationship, she taught me to never settle, to work hard, and to enjoy life

Sam Ryan

My mom showed me from a young age that work can be fun. From singing our favorite tunes in the kitchen as we did the dishes to dancing in the backyard while we cut the weeds and replace them with beautiful flowers.

When the recession happened my family struggled to pay the bills. In spite of this my mother always embraced the positives but did not refrain from teaching us how the world really works. Work has always been a primary table subject at my family dinners which has spurred my siblings and I to strive to build things that are meaningful.

My mom has always been the foundation that we rely on for advice in times of frustration, disappointment, and failure. She always showed us through her actions that the best way to work with others is to treat them with respect and genuinely care for their well being. When I needed money for one of my many hobbies growing up she showed me how to start a business turning energy into profits.

I would not be at DigiBuild today without the support of my mom and the work ethic she instilled in me. For that I am forever grateful.

Karshyga Bayatova

Mom... This person believed in me and did everything possible for me to study at the best university in Kazakhstan.

All her friends and relatives told her: "Why are you spending on her studies at such an expensive university, the same one located so far from home!" 

But Mom didn't give in to their words. During a difficult time for our family, I was able to get a higher education. Now I have become the one my mother believed in!  And I do my best to please her!

Dylan Holland

Since I was a child, as far as I can remember, my mother has worked both as a cosmetologist and tax expert.  She worked hard daily at both these unrelated fields and it instilled in me the idea that we can all be doing more for work than the highly specific things we are used to.

April Moss

Many of you know my story about my dad and his struggles as a builder within this industry.  Those struggles eventually led to him taking his own life when I was a child.  There’s a lot to unpack as you consider construction has one of the highest suicide rates of any industry. The financial, physical, and emotional toll it leaves on the family can be devastating.  

It takes a person with a lot of faith, determination, and grit to raise six children who for the most part not only survived but are thriving. My mom, Ruth, is that person.  A few things stand out from the many things I have learned from her.  She has shown me the value of money and a hard work ethic.  She’s taught me that learning doesn’t end with a degree and the significance of nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit.  She constantly reminds me that my worth and success are not based on what I own, who I know, personal fame or someone else’s opinion, these things are all temporal.  Love you mom and I am so grateful for you.

I also have been blessed with an amazing mother-in-law, JoAnne, who passed away a few weeks ago. JoAnne was the most hospitable and gracious person I know, even in her last days with us.  I have learned so much from her when it comes to cooking, entertaining and how to be a wonderful host.  She taught me gentleness and she gave me one of her greatest gifts, her son.  Love and miss her already.

Forever changed by these two amazing women. 

Jaimie VanSickle

My career started very young.  By age 12 my mother, whom worked in banking as a CTO, inspired me to learn the computer (not to age myself, but this was back in DOS days).  I fell in love with computers, administration, and all things business.

To this very day, my mother and I still work in business together, and we make a great team.  How blessed am I for that!? VERY!  I owe my intelligence, business sense, success, and work ethics to both her and my father and I am honored to continue in her footsteps.

Deepika Pamu

Whenever I am asked about my mom, all I can say is I am grateful for her giving me this life to see this world. Without her there is no existence for me. She always says to me “Be that girl - BRAVE and BOLD!” and I am able to because of the infinite things that I learn from her everyday. Thank you for making me the way I am today MOM . ”Happy Mothers Day"

Dan VanSickle

When I think about my mother, Ruth, four qualities come to mind; kindness, integrity, work ethic, and a positive attitude. My father passed away when I was five years old, leaving my mother with five children ranging from ages 2 to 12.  My mother remarried a couple of years later to my step-father, whom she met in group grief counseling, he had also lost his wife. Together they had my little brother.

With six kids, there wasn’t a lot of money.  Nevertheless, I remember that my mother always had a positive attitude.  She was self-employed and worked very hard.  Because of her honesty and integrity, she received many referrals and never had to advertise for new clients.  

If we made a mistake as children, we had to own up to it, there was no blaming others. Today, I can see how those qualities have been passed on to her children, my siblings.

My mothers greatest quality is her kindness. She is always truly kind to anyone she meets. One thing that stands out to me all of these years later is how my friends and my brother's and sister’s friends all consider my mother their friend.  

Chad Grenier

My Mom (Fran) is my greatest influence in my life. Hard work, always showing up, success at the service of others and doing it all with a smile and a good attitude are key principles she instilled in me. Plus, the early bird always gets the worm.

My interest in business stemmed from her.  She ran a district real estate office that managed all real estate listings and deals.  She put me to work first cleaning the office, then in summers doing bookkeeping and inputting property details into a database.  That got me interested in an accounting career path, then I realized all those skillsets fostered an entrepreneurial spirit in me and since the age of 19 I have been running businesses or helping build and scale companies. 

While my successes came from hard work and focus, my Mom was who I reflected on when it was hard, or motivation was low and I would ask myself, what would she do? The answers were always clear, she would say, “always move forward, give it your all, and be kind to others.”

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