August 20


DigiBuild Backed By Y Combinator

By Robert Salvador

August 20, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that DigiBuild is now backed by Y Combinator (YC Summer 2021)! 

Y Combinator is the top startup investor and incubator in the world.

It is a real honor to see our blockchain construction software that boosts productivity and builds trust on construction projects being recognized by the same investors who discovered Airbnb, Stripe, PlanGrid, and EquipmentShare and other unicorns at an early stage.

Receiving investments from the top investors like Tim Draper and Y Combinator is an honor and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Now, back to our mission of revolutionizing the global construction industry using blockchain.

Thank you for the support!!

Robert Salvador

About The Author

Rob Salvador is the visionary driving force behind DigiBuild, an experienced builder, project manager and construction technologist. Since the age of 10, Rob has witnessed what it was like, firsthand for his Dad struggling to run his construction company. He eventually started his own construction company and those experiences and the lack of change over that time span led to his mission of creating a better way to operate construction projects and the construction community. Rob’s passion and previous cryptocurrency startup experiences are what led to him becoming a blockchain expert. In 2017 he had his ‘aha moment’ and the idea of 'how to' apply blockchain to construction took form and DigiBuild was born.

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