digibuild blockchain construction management software

Join the DigiBuild Team!

Senior Software Developer, Senior Software Architect, or Technical Consultant 

DigiBuild is a next generation construction management & data insights software utilizing blockchain technology to deliver unprecedented value to the global construction industry. 

We've secured funding/recently announced a partnership with IBM and are setting up some foundational practices (refactoring MVP + adding a CI/CD pipeline + QA processes). 

DigiBuild is looking for a senior software developer, senior software architect, or technical consultant to provide professional direction to a fast-growing team and company.

  • Part-Time: Less than 30 hrs/week
  • Duration: 1-3 months
  • Expert: We are willing to pay a higher rate for the most experienced freelancer
  • Project Type: Complex Project
  • Language: Fluent English


An ideal candidate is able to address all of the needs. 

However, if your strengths align with any of the below responsibilities, we would love to get in touch with you to discuss how you can best provide value.

Feel free to reach out us and we can set up a quick 20 min intro call to assess compatibility.

  • Design, develop, modify, implement, and support software components anywhere in our stack.
  • Identify potential red flags in technical debt decisions made and develop practical, efficient, and long term technical solutions.
  • Suggest process improvements, best practices, and develop new processes around working with cross-functional teams and management.
  • Mentor and coach team to build skill/knowledge development through advice, coaching, and training opportunities.
  • Direct the team in establishing an agile development culture, setting up an efficient development team workflow, conduct code reviews, manage technical risk, and determine developer KPIs.

Skills & Expertise

Skill and expertise needed:

  • Full-Stack Development Deliverables: Project Analysis Design
  • Full-Stack Development Skills: GraphQL React.js Node.jsAWS Microservices Okta IAMMocha/Chai Nginx Winson
  • Databases: CouchDB PostgreSQL Administration 
  • Blockchain Deliverables: Blockchain ArchitectureHyperledger Fabric v.1.4.0
  • Blockchain Skills: Fabric
  • Other:  Amazon ECS for Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, AWS Code Deploy, DevOps, DockerGitHub, JiraLinux System Administration


You will need to be able to answer these questions when submitting a proposal:

  • Do you have at least 5-years of software development experience with elected seniority?  (We are looking for expert candidates that are capable of addressing tough technical debt questions.)
  • Which of the required job skills do you feel you are strongest at?

Email with questions, or submit your proposal to ops@digibuild.com to be considered.