Construction is a complex industry, as every job site includes 50+ companies dependent on one another to achieve their goals. However, these goals are not aligned. Unfortunately, fragmented workflows add cost and risk to construction projects.  Despite construction being one of the oldest industries, it’s one of the least sophisticated, and construction projects fail at an alarming rate.

While there have been recent innovations and digital transformation within the industry, construction continues to have the 2nd highest suicide rate of all industries.  Why? The majority of construction projects are over budget, their people are overwhelmed, and finger-pointing and legal disputes are common.

Blockchain is the better way, and our mission is to build construction blockchain solutions and connected platforms to create a healthier and happier global construction industry.

So why build on blockchain?

Everything is tracked and visible through blockchain, ensuring that everyone on construction projects works from the same information. The construction industry is comprised of complex arrangements, often between distrusting parties who rely on intermediaries and lots of paperwork and human time to manage risk and disputes.

With DigiBuild, all doubt is eliminated!  All transactions are recorded and cannot be altered, critical documents are automated and authenticated, creating a massive reduction in paperwork and fewer disputes. All in an easy to use interface that saves project managers time.


  • Create payments and lien waiver contracts 4X faster
  • 50% less expensive 'discovery' time
  • Saves 20% of valuable Project Manager time
  • Speeds up and improves cash flow

The result will be a happier workforce, happier clients, and a well-respected construction industry.

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